Beautiful school uniform in Laos! Don’t you want to make your own traditional dress?

Today’s interviewee is Lily form Laos. She introduces “SINH” as cool culture.

The sinh is a traditional long skirt worn by Lao and Thai women. Wearing sinhs is deeply rooted in Laos. Each sinh has different patterns because they are all handmade. Sinhs vary a lot how much they cost depends on fabrics form $30 to $3,000 at most.  Usually, they are made of silk or cotton. Silk is more expensive than cotton and worn in special ceremony such as wedding ceremony. The cotton sinh is used for casual party, going to work, school uniform and going to a temple. Especially, it is mandatory for women to wear sinh when they got to temples. The photos below are her school uniform and at the ceremony.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are many local tailors. You can buy a material and bring it to a tailor. Why don’t you try making  custom made sinh when you go to Laos?


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